What’s Trufflin?

Trufflin isn’t just the name of our company, it’s a state of mind. It means you can find us roaming around the French countryside with our family truffle dog DeeDee, hustling in New York City to deliver our products to the best restaurants, or splurging on truffle ravioli at Carbone after a long day.

Our Story  

Trufflin was born out of pure love and hustle. We knocked on many doors,  snuck into legendary kitchens, and let the quality speak for itself. Trufflin quickly became a trusted source in the industry; our clients include Eleven Madison Park, Le Bernardin, and Masa.

Our Mission

We weren’t born with a caviar spoon in our mouths, or with truffle in our eggs! We get our hands dirty - literally - to dig the best product out of the earth and bring it straight to your plate.  As a boutique delicacy purveyor, Trufflin is dedicated to offering foodies the same level of detail and quality control as Michelin star chefs. Work hard, grub harder!


“The creamy ivory dressing is dotted with bits of the truffles and nicely delivers their haunting aroma and flavor.”

Florence Fabricant, New York Times



We got hustle though, Ambition, Flow inside our DNA. - Kendrick Lamar