Open the truffle bag immediately upon receipt. Wrap dry napkins around these beauties, place into an air tight container, and into your fridge. Do not freeze white truffles, you can freeze black truffles but we don't recommend it, fresh is always best. If you don't eat the truffles the day of receiving them, change the napkins daily to help preserve them.


We recommend to indulge with truffles as soon as possible to enjoy the best flavor and aroma. White truffles are best when eaten within 3 days upon receipt, as they are extremely precious. Black truffles will keep well for up to one week, but sooner is always better!


Truffles come from the earth and it's likely that there will be soil, no stress, this actually helps to preserve them. Simply rinse just before use. White truffles should not be cooked, but thinly shaved/sliced or grated on top of your favorite dish. Black truffles will resist the heat so they can be cooked in your favorite dishes, but we suggest you add some fresh truffles on top for the full truffle experience.



Unopened fresh caviar will last 2-3 weeks. Caviar should never be frozen. Store the caviar in the coldest section of your refrigerator upon receipt. Cover unused caviar with plastic wrap eliminating air bubbles, close, store. Once opened, enjoy your caviar right away.


How To Ranch

Our Black Truffle Ranch must be refrigerated immediately upon receipt as it is made with the freshest ingredients and without any preservatives. Unopened Black Truffle Ranch will last 3 weeks in the refrigerator. Once opened, our Black Truffle Ranch is best used within one week. 


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