White Truffles Are Here!

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White Truffles are by far the star of the truffle family, and for many foodies, the only kind they know and enjoy. So why are they considered so precious when there are many other types of truffles out there? 

White Truffles, also called Tuber Magnatum Pico, bear a stronger aroma than any other truffle. They are so pungent that just one White Truffle can leave its amazing musky and garlicky aroma in your kitchen for a couple of days!   

White Truffles are elusive because of their very short shelf life (about one week) and season (October-December.) Thankfully, we have partners in Italy who ship us the best truffles as soon as they are out of the ground, ensuring top quality and freshness to our costumers.

Historically found in the Piedmont region of Italy, white truffles are now also foraged in Eastern European countries such as Croatia and Romania. However, they are still very hard to find because of natural reasons like weather, but also human factors such as theft or fraud. 

Thankfully, we find the best White Truffles for our fellow foodies and you can order them on our online store now!

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