Trufflin at The Gourmand Weekend

Earlier this month, our French Summer Truffles were featured at the 4th edition of the Gourmand Weekend. We couldn't have asked for a better gourmet City get away than the lovely Timber Lake Farm in Pleasant Valley, New York.  

The roasted pig, truffle pasta, bottomless sangria and music performances would make any die hard New Yorker hop on the road! Don't forget to mark your calendar for next year's edition, which will take place on the first weekend of June. 

A special thanks to our hosts Jelena Doukas, Jon Doukas and Allene Diana and the Featured Chefs: Artem Egorov (Ristorante Morini), John Fuentes (Le Pif), Yoshitaka Mitsue (Chef to the Deputy Ambassador of Japan), Vito Polosa, and Chika Hanyu (MarieBelle)

Check out some pics and leave your email address in the comment section if you wish to sign up for next year's edition:


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