To put it simply, a truffle is the Queen Bee of mushrooms. The rare fungus is a real diva and won’t settle without three elements:  a host tree, balanced climate, and special soil. 

Only the best-trained dogs or pigs can dig out the culinary jewel with the help of their owner. Liv’s mother, Annie, has years of experience foraging for the famous mushroom with her Lagotto dog DeeDee.

Trufflin imports Tuber Melanosporum mushrooms from the South of France, not only because Provence is the top region for black truffles, but because it’s the place we call home. The origin of our product is a guarantee of the best and most authentic taste.  

Whether you are a chef seeking unique flavors for your clientele or a foodie eager to experiment with the diamond of the kitchen, you can set up an appointment or pre-order black truffles: